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Titans Of Nuclear | Interviewing World Experts on Nuclear Energy

Jan 24, 2018

In this episode we interview Todd Allen, one of the top U.S. experts in nuclear energy. Todd’s played a critical role in supporting the advancement of the next generation of nuclear technologies serving roles throughout our national lab system, in academia, the think-tank world and more. In this episode Todd’ reveals tremendous insights around:

  • The function of our national lab system in prototyping reactors and creation of user facilities to revitalize innovation on this front
  • Walking through various permutations of fuels, coolants, and approaches towards proving new technologies
  • Turning points in the history of commercial nuclear development, here in the US and abroad, and the recent resurgence of nuclear excitement
  • His contribution towards shaping policy at Thirdway, the clean energy think tank, and launching their first advanced nuclear summit.
  • We talk about the concept of prize based incentives and how they might apply to the nuclear space
  • Most importantly concrete steps how the can DOE restructure their efforts to best encourage innovation
  • At the very end he also offers a nugget regarding communication strategies to the public as well