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Titans Of Nuclear | Interviewing World Experts on Nuclear Energy

Mar 31, 2020

John Ahlberg joins Olu on the latest episode of Titans of Nuclear.

1) John Ahlberg introduces the social landscape of Sweden and gives us a brief into the public understanding and acceptance of nuclear energy.
2) How the idea for Kärnfull Energi, Sweden's first 100% nuclear electricity provider, came to John
and his co-founder Christian, and how they set up the company and have been making positive waves since.
3) Outlook for Kärnfull Energi as they continue to grow, plans for the future of the company,
and John's personal motivations for choosing the nuclear industry even though he has a different educational and professional background.
4) The importance of correct information passed on to the public so people understand the
benefits of nuclear energy and begin the first steps in correcting the public discourse in Sweden.

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