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Titans Of Nuclear | Interviewing World Experts on Nuclear Energy

Apr 25, 2018

Episode Content:

  • The ARC origen story through resurrection of a decades old nuclear prototype EBR-2

  • A technical discussion on "closing the fuel cycle", "breeding", "electrochemical refining"

  • The advantages of ARC from a Waste, Cost, Safety and matching market conditions

  • A discussion of sodium and "pool type" vs "loop type" design

  • A discussion of metallic uranium fuel vs uranium oxide

  • Negative reactivity feedback characteristics enabled by neutron leakage

  • Historical examples of this style reactor's inherent safety features

  • A quick comparison of the four metal fuel designs ARC, PRISM, OKLO, and TERRAPOWER

  • Nuclear economics and how to balance economies of scale vs diseconomies of scale

  • Advantages of the Canadian Licensing Regime: 2 stages & risk-based approach