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Titans Of Nuclear | Interviewing World Experts on Nuclear Energy

Apr 11, 2018

Episode Content:

  • Mark's background in geology and how that ties in to spent fuel disposal

  • His lab career starting at Los Alamos, then Argonne, then INL

  • INL's history and role in developing nuclear technology

  • New technologies that help bring advanced reactors to fruition

  • Specifically how INL helps facilitate the commercialize new reactor technology

  • How the National Labs work with industry and role of R&D in US competitiveness

  • INL's work as the "underwriter's lab" of storage technology

  • How the various contributions of the national labs work as a whole system

  • How competing on ideas drives science forward

  • Smartgrid, cybersecurity, and design with resiliency in mind

  • The importance of multidisciplinary learning and

  • Mark's insight looking towards the future of technology