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Titans Of Nuclear | Interviewing World Experts on Nuclear Energy

Mar 28, 2018

Episode Content:

  • Jeff's earlier career as an NRC vendor inspector 

  • The relationship between NRC and Industry including the balance of health and safety against cost and schedule 

  • His work with Westinghouse bidding on an South African nuclear build and the story behind their attempted development of the pebble bed

  • A description of the Pebble Bed technology advantages

  • Further details on the X-energy fuel and reactor technology

  • The role of Silicon Carbide in in TRISO Fuel 

  • An alternative safety approach to redundancy and defense in depth

  • The X-energy team composition and its founder Kam Ghaffarian 

  • How high temperature nuclear can be used for water desalination

  • Further details of X-energy's deployment strategy