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Titans Of Nuclear | Interviewing World Experts on Nuclear Energy

Mar 31, 2021

We are excited to announce that we've launched a new podcast, the Energy Impact Podcast. For more information please visit and be sure to listen, subscribe, and leave a review. 

Mar 29, 2021

1. Chris’ background growing up in Canada and becoming an activist  

2. Chris’ career as a doctor and the prevalence of nuclear medicine  

3. The linear-no-threshold hypothesis and commonly held misconceptions about nuclear 

4. Chris’ role as a nuclear advocate in Canada and his hopes for the future of the...

Mar 24, 2021

  1. Director-General Grossi’s career as a diplomat and early introduction to nuclear 
  2. The IAEA’s work covering all facets of atomic energy 
  3. Global perceptions of nuclear energy and the IAEA’s role in shepherding newcomer countries through the process of acquiring nuclear energy 
  4. Director-General Grossi’s vision for...

Mar 22, 2021


1. Dr. Ameri’s background as a radiation oncologist 

2. Dr. Ameri’s initial introduction to low-dose radiation as a COVID-19 pneumonia treatment

3. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Iran

4. Dr. Ameri’s goals to expand this treatment and push forward further...